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Each and everyone of us has unique skin characteristics. Hormonal influences, daily activities, age and gender significantly affect the way our skin looks and feel. On men, testosterone causes thicker and rougher skin than women and this can create its own set of skincare problems for them both. Despite these differences, many of us have many common skincare problems that we don’t know how to treat or prevent.

From oily, acne ridden skin, to dry patches, wrinkles and more, there are a wide range of skincare problems that we encounter. When you have any of these skin problems, you should know more about them and how to prevent them. For more serious skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, you should consult a skincare professional.


1. Premature fine lines and wrinkles:

Regardless of how much we care for our skin, we will begin to see fine lines and wrinkles. But if fine lines already start to appear before you are 30 years old, this could be an annoying problem for many. The strength and flexibility of our skin is determined by the level of collagen in the dermis layer. Young people have glowing and soft skin due to the high level of collagen in their skin. To prevent premature wrinkles, you should use sunscreen regularly when you go out and consume diet rich with antioxidants to counteract the effects of ultraviolet. Use a quality moisturiser to protect your skin against the loss moisture or contact a skincare clinic that can provide the care and treatment your skin needs.

2. Oily and skin and acne:

Oily skin is a problem that affects both men and women. Some people have high level of sebum secretion on their skin due to the hyperactive glands. High levels of oil production can’t be prevented in many cases, but you can regularly clean any excess oil accumulation on your skin with a mild astringent cleanser. Avoid using any skin moisturising product that causes an overproduction of oil.


3. Sensitive Skin:

High skin sensitivity is a common problem among many people. Symptoms often include dryness, itching, burning and redness. Sensitive skin is often caused by skin care products, stress, weather changes and allergens. Some of these factors are beyond our control, but others can be easily controlled. If you use a particular skincare product over and over again, it may cause irritation due to overuse. When choosing any new skincare product, you should use a product that’s recommended for people with sensitive skin.

You can also contact a skincare clinic such as SkinHQ for a consultation where and skincare expert will show you how to properly care for your skin and may even suggest treatments that can clear up your skin, reduce the signs of aging and give you healthier, glowing skin fast.

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