Everything you need to know about Exfoliators

Everything you need to know about Exfoliators

Everything you need to know about Exfoliators


Exfoliators. We all have heard of them and we know that we should probably be using them; or do we? Let’s start with the basics.

Exfoliating is simply the process of removing any dead skin cells that you have on the surface of your skin. Why is this important? Well, even though your skin should slough off the dead skin cells on its own, the dead skin cells may sometimes not all shed in its entirety. So, what ends up happening is that your skin doesn’t have a smooth texture, may feel kind of rough to the touch, not look as radiant, your pores may seem clogged, cause dry patches on your skin, and your makeup may not feel like it’s looking as flawless on your skin as it usually does.

So now that we covered what exfoliating is, let us dive even further into the details! Not only does exfoliating your skin address all of the concerns we just talked about, but exfoliating can affect the rest of your skin care routine too. To put it simply, exfoliating can actually enhance the absorption of your skin. This means that instead of your serums or moisturisers really setting into your skin for their maximal effectiveness, your other products are just settling on top of the dry patches of dead skin cells instead of working their magic.


Now that we’re all believers in this crucial step of exfoliation, we need to cover what are the different kinds that are available, so we know what to integrate into our routines. When it comes to exfoliators, there are two main types: Physical and Chemical.

A physical exfoliator is basically a scrub that contains some types of small beads or abrasives to physically scrub off the dead skin cells as you use it. These types of exfoliators are my typical go-to because they are very simple to use and also quick to add into my morning or nighttime routine, and their results are seen instantly. After you use a physical exfoliator and dry your face off, you’ll almost immediately notice that your skin is smoother, brighter, and has some added radiance to it. One thing to be careful with when it comes to physical exfoliators, is that if you have a sensitive skin type, be sure to pick one that is gentle so it doesn’t cause any tears in the skin or added irritation. Since I’m a really big fan of physical exfoliators and I’ve done a ton of research finding ones that work for me and my skin, I should warn you that when you’re searching for the perfect product for you, steer clear of scrubs that contain skins of nuts (ex: walnuts) or fruit seeds as the abrasives. Scrubs that contain these ingredients are typically harsher and more intense on the skin, and can irritate or scratch it, which is something we do not want.


The last item that we are going to cover is Chemical exfoliators. These types of exfoliators typically contain a chemical, (obviously!), and it is usually either a Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) or a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). These acids work great to deeply exfoliate your skin without any abrasives; they’re typically applied as a treatment that you keep on for a few minutes and then wash off. Both of these acids are great in their own way, but the main difference between the two is that BHAs are soluble in oil. This means that BHAs can actually penetrate deeper into your pores to remove those dead skin cells and can also help control your oils, if you have oily skin. AHAs are soluble in water, and like typical exfoliators, help to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin so that your skin is super smooth, bright, and clean. So, if you have oily skin (like I do!), then I recommend looking for a chemical exfoliator that contains BHAs; although ones that contain AHAs will also work great to exfoliate as well. When it comes to choosing between physical exfoliators and chemical ones, I typically feel chemical ones are more effective because they really penetrate deep into the skin. That being said, since they’re stronger, I only use them about one to two times a week while I use a gentle physical exfoliator almost every day in my skincare routine.

When it comes to exfoliators, the benefits outweigh any harm, and I hope I gave you a little more insight into a very important member of the skincare world! If you begin to integrate exfoliators regularly into your daily skincare routine/regimen, your skin will be clearer, your makeup will lay on top of your skin smoother, your skin will appear brighter, and your skin will glow; it’s a Simply Beauty guarantee.




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