How to look after your hands properly

How to look after your hands properly

How to look after your hands properly

Since our hands are likely to be the first part of our bodies to show ageing, it’s imperative that you care for them properly. The increased amount of washing/using hand gel in recent months can make hands sore and sensitive. Take a look at what you should be doing in order to keep your hands healthy, supple and as young as possible.


You may not think an expensive hand cream is worth it, but trust us, cheaper ones just don’t cut it. A truly nourishing hand cream or salve made specifically for the hands will work to repair and protect against future damage. This step should be seen as an every day essential, just like SPF.


The cold weather and pre-existing conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can wreak havoc with your hands and they may become cracked, sore & uncomfortable. It’s important to treat them properly as your hands are your most used body part which means leaving them untreated will result in them worsening. Make sure to use an intensive formula that contains antibiotic or steroid ingredients to really target the area.


Ever wonder why washing your hands leaves your skin feeling like chalk? Contrary to popular belief, soap and skin aren’t actually the best combination. Choose a gentle bar soap that cleanses with natural oils and exfoliators such as oatmeal instead of the usual harmful chemicals.


Let’s not forget to give your nails a bit of love from time to time. This entails filing and shaping your natural nails, pushing and clipping any excess cuticle skin. It can also include various creams and liquids alongside a massage. A manicure is the perfect way to show your hands a little love after months of over washing and harsh alcohol hand gels.


We already know you should wear gloves in winter, not only to keep your hands warm but the cold air will leave your skin dry and nails brittle. But it’s not just winter you have to worry about, your hands are just as susceptible to sun damage as the rest of your skin. Despite not needing to apply SPF to your hands as frequently as your face, make sure you always opt for a layer of protection if working outdoors or spending the day at the beach.



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