How to have the Perfect Chill Night In

It almost feels like a different lifetime since that chapter in our lives consisting of yoga sessions on your bedroom floor, the fresh smell of banana bread circulating the kitchen, the excessive amount of loungewear and “just one more pair” or pyjamas we convinced ourselves we need. However, following the latest announcement from Boris and a glooming cloud of restrictions, this could be the reality we now go back to. In preparation, below we have assembled a list on how to have the perfect, chilled night in.

Run yourself a bath

Having a bath is the perfect downtime. An ideal way to start your chill night in by winding down. Turn off your phone, or switch to Do Not Disturb for the evening to take some time to focus on yourself. Adding essential oils can make for a relaxing bath that is also pleasantly scented. Choose an oil that will be gentle on your skin and is known for relaxing the mind and body. For example, choices of rose, lavender or camomile.

Put your pyjamas on

Comfort is key. To ensure you are at your most relaxed, put on your favourite comfies. Dive into that over-spilling pyjama drawer that doubled in size during lockdown and pull out you’re your favourite pair. Snacks are an essential for any chilled night in, so you don’t want to be sat around in anything tight or restricting!

Ensure you have the best snacks & drinks

One of the best parts about a movie night in at home, no cinema prices! Allow yourself to indulge in your favourite sweets and treats or your favourite meal. If popcorn isn’t your thing but you fancy something sweet, a hot chocolate could be the perfect choice for the colder evenings. There are actually proven health benefits of  drinking hot chocolate before bed. Milk contains tryptophan which can help your body to relax for a better sleep. As well, chocolate is known to help reduce stress as it is anti-depressant, containing the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins.

Choose your movie

Save yourself the stress of deciding what to watch by planning ahead! Take advantage of Netflix’s ‘for you’ section which will show you films tailored to your taste. If you don’t have Netflix, or prefer the more traditional way, have a rake through your DVD collection and choose an old favourite that’s bound to make you laugh!

Get cosy, the more blankets and cushions the better

With the weather getting colder and Autumn heavily upon us, its time to get your winter throws out from the back of the wardrobe and get tucked up on the sofa. Maybe even bring your duvet to the living room to feel extra cosy! Use cushions to create a comfortable habitat for the evening.

Light a candle and set the mood

Nothing creates a relaxing ambiance like lighting a candle and allowing the warm aromas to fill the room. Lighting a candle is scientifically proven to soothe us. The gentle, soothing quality of their light makes them a perfect aid for any relaxation routine. Candles also reach another one of our senses- smell. Scents can spark emotions that make us feel good and remember happy times. Is October too soon to bring out the Christmas candles?

Get the friends or family involved

If we learnt one thing in lockdown, it is how much we appreciate those around us. Whether you live with family, friends or your partner, suggest a time that suits all and dedicate the night to staying off social media and appreciate time together. If you live alone, organise a zoom call and all hit play at the same time. While you may be apart, a group night in is still doable, even if it is just faces on a screen. The important thing is that you are spending quality time with the people you love.


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