The perfect facial for your skin CONCERN

We offer a wide variety of facials here at SkinHQ but which is the best for you? Take a look at our in depth guide covering all skin concerns and which treatments will be the most beneficial for them.


Sensitive skin is a common issue and can be due to a range of different things. It’s caused when nerve endings in the top layer of skin become irritated. It can develop at any time and factors such as extreme weather, humidity and hormones can play a role in this shift. Redness, irritation and itchiness are all signs of sensitive skin.

We recommend the below facials for anyone with sensitive skin. Click for more info –


Dry skin is a skin type, whilst dehydrated skin is actually a skin condition, which many people can experience throughout their lives. Dry or dehydrated skin occurs when the skin is lacking in moisture. Any skin type can be dehydrated, as it occurs when the top layer of the skin is lacking in moisture. Typical signs are dullness, dark under-eyes and are more prone to irritation.

We recommend the below treatments for anyone with dry/dehydrated skin. Click for more info –


These skin types can be difficult and frustrating to care for, however, a good skincare routine and regular facials can help keep excess oil at bay. Oily skin is simply where you have excess oil on your skin, which gives a shiny or greasy appearance. Skin concerns like blackheads and spots are usually associated with oily skin. Combination skin is where some of your skin is oily and other parts of it are dry. Typically, the t-zone is usually the oily part and surrounding areas are dry or normal.

We recommend the below facials if you have oily skin. Click for more info –

We recommend the below treatments for those with combination skin as well as those above for oily skin. Click for more info –


Active acne is an inflammatory skin condition, which most commonly appears on the face, neck, chest, and back. If untreated, active acne can result in permanent damage to the skin. Whereas, with mild acne you may be prone to getting small bumps and blackheads but it is generally, easily treatable. Acne scarring can develop as a complication of acne. It can occur when spots burst and damage the skin and if they are squeezed or picked.

We recommend the below treatments if you are currently suffering with any form of acne & or scarring. Click for more info  –


Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition, which is caused by increased melanin production. This results in patches of the skin becoming a different tone compared to the surrounding skin. It can be caused by sun damage, inflammation or other skin injuries. There are multiple different forms of hyperpigmentation and it can affect an array of skin types.

We recommend the below facials for anyone with hyperpigmentation. Click for more info –


Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, so it is never too early to start maintaining its health and prevent unwanted damage. The ageing process is unique to each individual, as our environment and lifestyle choices can contribute to how our skin ages. Typical signs of ageing skin are fine lines, brown spots, and loss of elasticity.

We recommend the below treatments for our older clients. Click for more info –

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