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Dealing with unwanted hair is a normal aspect of everyday life for the average man and woman.

People typically have to shave on a daily basis to maintain aesthetically smooth skin. Others use a combination of methods to eliminate unwanted hair including plucking, waxing, threading and bleaching.

For those who are tired of cuts, nicks, bumps, burns, and the other hassles associated with removing unwanted hair, there is only one option: laser hair removal.

Skin HQ brings you the best in laser hair removal technology – the Cynosure laser hair removal system – which provides the two gold standards for hair removal in one system.

Whether you’re looking into removing traces of a unibrow or a full-body treatment, talk to one of our expert therapists today in Manchester, Birmingham or Bradford to work out the best treatment for you.


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Laser Hair Removal


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Choose the area you would like to have treated and amount of preferred sessions, you can discuss your treatment area with the therapist when you go for your free consultation and skin test.
Choose one area from options A to I or choose from one of our package deals.

  • Nose, Earlobes or between Eyebrows (Glabella)
  • Upper Lip. Fingers, Toes, Nipples or Cheeks
  • Chin, Underarms, Feet, Hands, Jawline, Navel Pubis, Hairline or Sideburns
  • Standard Bikini, Chin & Jawline, Neck, Shoulder Blades, Perianal or Upper Lip and Chin
  • Brazilian, Half Arms, Abdomen, Full Shoulders or Upper Lip, Chin and Jawline
  • Bikini and Underarms, Half Face, Hollywood, Buttocks, Chest or Half Back
  • Full Face, Brazilian and Underarms or Hollywood and Underarms
  • Full Arms or Half Legs
  • Full Legs or Back and Shoulders

Holiday Package 1 – 1/2 Legs, Bikini and Underarms
Holiday Package 2 – Full Legs, Bikini and Underarms
For Him Package – Back, Shoulders, Chest and Abdomen
Full Body Package – Full Back, Full Chest, Full Legs, Full Arms, Bikini, Perianal and Underarms